Design and Development of Professional Websites

Your web site is your cyber space ‘public relations officer’ and ‘sales representative’. 

Keeping that in mind, Website Master will undertake to build a website to suit your specific requirements.  Our team will undertake to build a website that reflects the distinctive qualities you want to promote and ensure a site that is unique and true to the character and excellence you would like to reflect.

Our team is committed to ensure that each and every web site is exceptional.  They are trained to observe and listen and are enthusiastic and supportive to each individual requirement.  We undertake to regard each web site as if it is the most important site that we will ever take on, whether it is enormous or small and personal.   We have a reputation to uphold, after all!

Your wish is our command!

Maintenance Websites

Don't you just hate it when a website is out of date?  We will help you to keep your website up to date at a very affordable rate.   We charge by the minute, which means that you won’t get a huge account in the end of the day.

Graphic Design

Our Graphic Designs Team consists of highly qualified enthusiasts dedicated to personal service.  We understand and respect the need for unique and distinctive individuality of our clients.

We take branding very seriously and will ensure that your product or cause is presented in the most effectively possible way!

Email Design and Mass Emails

We design professional looking emails that (both your company and your image.)

Sending of Mass Sms's

Provided with the cellphone numbers, we can send out mass sms's.